New MS iPod: Obscene in Israel and Canada

"What songs have you got on your f-ing iPod?" Yes the new Zune from Microsoft will be pronounced Z-une in Israel which in Hebrew is the f-word. By the way it turns out that it also allegedly is a French-Canadian euphemism for “penis”. The French word "zoune'' and the variant "bizoune'' are ways that children refer to male or female genitalia.

Israeli bloggers are having fun asking
?אז מי פה רוצה זיון and ?כמה עולה זיון

What is Bill Gates doing about it? Luckily he cleared this up with a press release, "While we do acknowledge the similarity in pronunciation to Hebrew zi-yun, that is not the intended meaning of the name Zune."

Intention is not the most important thing. It is everything. After years of screwing their users and competitors, perhaps Microsoft has started owning up to their real intentions.

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