Gear: Another "Obvious" Google Breakthrough

What makes genius? Sometimes it's just seeing what is obvious and going out and doing it. That is why Google succeeds. It created the culture of the obvious.

"Let's copy all the information of the world onto our servers and index it." Gee. That was obvious.

Now, "Let's make software that works both online and offline." Gee. Another obvious invention.

Google takes big step to make Web work offline By Eric Auchard
Wed May 30, 9:25 PM ET

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc. said on Wednesday it had created Web software that runs both online, and offline, marking a sea change for the Internet industry by letting users work on planes, trains, spotty connections and even in the most remote locations.

The technology, called Google Gears, would allow users of computers, phones and other devices to manipulate Web services like e-mail, online calendars or news readers whether online, intermittently connected to the Web or completely offline...more

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Google isn't such the cat's meow you'd like to think: