Chief Rabbi: Multiculturalism is Dead

The Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sachs has published a new book essentially making the case that, "Multiculturalism is Dead."

Extract: Now's the time to tell a new story of Britain Without a common ethnicity or a single overarching religious system, we need a new national story to tell us who we are

Extract: Wanted: a national culture: Multiculturalism is a disaster

Chief Rabbi aims to be politically incorrect: Sir Jonathan Sacks has written a book seeking an end to multiculturalism. He discusses his reasons with our correspondents

In the interview we encounter some good British criticism such as,

Much of talking to Dr Sacks is like this: tantalisingly provocative ideas wrapped in layers of obfuscation, then swaddled in an erudite sweep of references. Finally, after much prodding, he explained what he meant about faith schools not being good for society: “Because there is no counter pressure.” ie, the schools do not take strong enough steps to look outward. “They [Early 20th-century Jewish schools] wanted their kids to be good Englishmen and women, that’s what my parents wanted for me. I think that today there is just too little content to that idea . . . I just am aware that communities are turning inward.”

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