Free: Go Online and a Hasidic Chabad Rabbi Will Sell Your Chametz to a Gentile before Passover

Nissan 5775
Chametz (Hametz) Sale Reminder from Chabad
With the imminent arrival of the Passover holiday we all are particularly mindful of the prohibition to own any leavened items during Passover -- and the concurrent Jewish practice to sell to a gentile before Pesach any leftover Chametz (leavened items) we may have in our possession.

I am a past user of the online Chametz sale service at Chabad.org, and I would like to remind you of this important Jewish practice and to tell you that in case you do not have a rabbi to make this sale for you, or if you don't want to use your local rabbi, I recommend that you use the free Chabad service at:


And visit Chabad.org for all your Passover holiday-information needs. They do a good job over there.

I wish you and yours a liberating and uplifting Passover -- a Happy and Kosher Pesach!

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