MinnPost.com: Dastardly Republicans v. Nice Minnesota Jewish Boy

The son of the editor of the American Jewish World newspaper in Minneapolis was arrested and arraigned for protesting at the RNC in St. Paul. It's a travesty and a farce at the same time. But like any good Jewish father, his dad is worried.
First they came for the anarchists ...
By Mordecai Specktor | Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008

My son Max was arraigned at the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center on Wednesday, Sept. 3. He's in serious legal trouble.

In the aftermath of the Republican National Convention — and the arrests of more than 800 protesters, journalists and bystanders in the Twin Cities — Max and seven others, the alleged ringleaders of the RNC Welcoming Committee, have been charged with conspiracy to commit riot in the furtherance of terrorism.

That's right, terrorism....more

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