Who are the "anonymous Orthodox Jewish residents of cyberspace" who run the mysterious mainly Jewish news aggregator VosIzNeias.com

With all the amazing "journalism" and "scoops" and "we get involved" assertions from this "blog" - why don't they name some names, places, faces. Give us a hint. Who are they?

Inquiring minds want to know.

From the VosIzNeias.com site's about page:

20080331_vosizneias_q.jpg (Yiddish for “What’s news?”) is a highly popular, rapidly-growing blog that meets the demanding media needs of the Orthodox Jewish community in New York, across the United States, and around the world.

VIN News
delivers20080331_vos_about_laptop.jpg up-to-the-minute news, accurate reporting and research, hard-hitting, commentary and exclusive, mainstream-media-beating scoops-on the issues that matter to our readers most.

As a powerful voice in today’s new Jewish media, VIN News resolutely raises all issues of significant importance from the religious Jewish viewpoint. We don’t just report. We get involved. And together with our readers, we continue to make a difference.

Readers hail from the world over, including the Tri-State Area, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, and other American religious Jewish communities, as well as Canada, Israel, England, Australia and Belgium.

is run solely by a group of anonymous Orthodox Jewish residents of cyberspace.


Anonymous said...

I would say many of those writing responses on the site are particularly inarticulate.

Anonymous said...

See this post about VIN: link

Anonymous said...

I switched to a lesser known site about a 2 months ago. If VIN bugs you, try:


They have all the stories and more than Yeshiva World and VIN. While Yeshiva World seems to leave out modern Orthodox news and problems (molestation) in the frum community, and VIN leaves out most Israeli news and news about rabbanim and kashrus, Hamercaz seems to carry everything.

And the writing on Hamercaz is better than the third-grade level of grammar and spelling found on those other sites.

(and they've got this jewish youtube thing happening on the site too)