Is Nicolas Cage Jewish?

No, film star Nicolas Cage is not a Jew.

In a recent interview in the Daily News, the star of the new blockbuster movie Knowing (which we panned in our review) says the following about his religion and more,
"Knowing" has overt biblical overtones, especially at its climax. Religious yourself?
My father is baptized Catholic, as is my mother, but my spirituality is deeply personal to me, so I don't really discuss it.

The film also features staggeringly accurate predictions of the future: Do you believe in fortunetelling?
I have an open mind, and I believe that anything's possible. I have been told we only use 10% of our brains, so it's conceivable there have been people in the past or even now who can do these things.

Have you ever had your fortune told? I'll bet people offer predictions while you sign autographs.
That has come up, yeah. There have been people that have offered information I haven't really asked for.

You're clearly not averse to the esoteric, though you own "America's Most Haunted House," the Lalaurie House in New Orleans? Is that true?
It was indeed considered the "haunted mansion" in New Orleans. You know, other people have beachfront property; I have ghost front property - that's what I always say. I have not experienced anything, but I like a bit of mystery, and the house has such a mystery to it. Some of the stories about it are pretty horrific....more...

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Talmudist said...

His nephew Jason Schwartzman has got a Jewish dad (me-thinks), but I think that's as far as that goes...