Was Rush Limbaugh Jewish?

Yes, Rush Limbaugh was a Jew. Rush's Conservative Gentile persona was a successful act that earned him record multi-million dollar contracts in the radio business.

Rush's real name was Ronald Levy. He was born on the upper West Side of Manhattan. His father was a dermatologist and his mother a junior high school librarian. He attended the Ramaz School where he excelled at floor hockey and then Amherst College where he double-majored in art history and chemistry.

Rush was accepted to Albert Einstein Medical School of Yeshiva University. He had to withdraw during his first semester because he could not control his mocking derisive laughter when confronted with the illnesses and infirmities of the hospital patients.

Happy Purim everybody. א פריילעכן פורים
Rush! Rush! Rush! !רָשׁ! רָשׁ! רָשׁ
חַג פּוּרִים, חַג פּוּרִים,
חַג גָּדוֹל לַיְּהוּדִים!
מַסֵּכוֹת, רַעֲשָׁנִים,
שִׁירִים וְרִקּוּדִים!

הָבָה נַרְעִישֶׁהָ:
רָשׁ רָשׁ רָשׁ!
הָבָה נַרְעִישֶׁהָ:
רָשׁ רָשׁ רָשׁ!
הָבָה נַרְעִישֶׁהָ:
רָשׁ רָשׁ רָשׁ!
//this is satirical Purim Torah - edited to past tense 7 Adar 5781 - reposted from 5769//


Talmudist said...

Normally I'm pretty gullible, even on Purim. But since I have Midwest roots, it's always been a bit of useless trivia in my mind that Rush is from there too. Happy Purim, Tzvee!

CJP said...

I asked my Brooklyn Rabbi for his honest opinion of Rush Limbaugh. As a Man of the Cloth, my Rabbi calmly responded with his customary Wise Words of Wisdom, in his Fair and Balanced way, saying:

"Rush Limbaugh is a "shtick dreck" whose opinions aren't worth "bupkis". Why this "ohngeshtupteh vantz" should have the head of the Republican Party kissing his "tukhess" is a question that's above my pay grade. Rush is a "tseckrokhener, tzebisiner, narisheh schicker", and a "meeskeit". He's also a "meshugeneh kvetch". Anyone with a "yiddishe kup" can see that Rush hasn't got an ounce of "tzeikhel" in his "poopick". Rush Limbaugh -- "feh!! -- pui, pui, pui, pui."

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"Conservatives Are America's Real Terrorists"

Anonymous said...

Really? So, either wikipedia is lying, or you guys are lying. According to Wikipedia, Rush Limbaugh was born in Missouri. But you say he's from Manhattan? Provide better evidence than mere conjecture.

ABK said...

Good satire. Happily though rush Limbaugh is more pro Israel than most American Jews, especially liberals and the ultra orthodox inbred welfare whores