Was Leo Frank Jewish?

Yes, Leo Frank was a Jew. He was convicted of a murder and then lynched in Georgia by an angry anti-Semitic  mob in 1915.

The story will be dramatized on PBS TV show tonight.
Television Review
Reverberations of a Trial and Its Shocking Aftermath

“This case has it all,” someone will often say about a particularly gruesome or scandalous court proceeding — the O. J. Simpson trial, for instance, or anything involving John Gotti Jr. But you won’t find a case with more “all” than the one nearly a century ago surrounding an Atlanta pencil factory superintendent named Leo Frank. It is mesmerizingly recreated and explored Monday on PBS in “The People v. Leo Frank,” a film by Ben Loeterman that even those already familiar with this ugly piece of history are likely to find unsettling. ...more...

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