Is Pink Jewish?

Yes, Pink is a Jew. The star performer dazzled everyone at the Grammy's with her singing, acrobatics and revealing performance in 2010 and again in 2014. Her mother is Jewish.

A 2006 interview with Pink said about her plans for tattoos (which I do not think were carried out),
Her Jewish mom will be honoured on her right arm, “with Hebrew writing and a cat ’cause she’s a snob and she’s a nurse and all that stuff,” she says cryptically. “And my dad is this country boy and he’s a wolf, or a tiger – I’m not sure which animal yet. And my mom grew up in Atlantic City so I’m gonna have all sort of casinos. And Carey has tattoos of Las Vegas casinos… Then for the country I want a spider’s web, Charlotte’s Web, all that stuff.”
Wikipedia says, "Pink was born (1979) Alecia Moore in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Judith Moore, a nurse, and James Moore, Jr., a Vietnam veteran. Her father is Catholic and her mother Jewish, and her ancestors immigrated from Ireland, Germany, and Lithuania."

I don't think she got the Hebrew tattoo.

Pink's "Raise Your Glass" video below gets seriously into religion at about 2:00.

[repost from 3/2011]


Theophrastus said...

Celebrating one's Judaism through a tattoo? I wish she would read Leviticus 19:28 instead.

Rishona said...

I am pulling myself away from the crowd here (surprise, surprise)...but why do we perk up at stories like this? Her mother could be Jewish as per halacha; but there is also a chance that she couldn't be. I know this is the case of a family I grew up with where I thought they were Jewish...however the mother grew up in a Reform home and her mother (so the grandmother) was a non-Jewish woman from Scandinavia. We are long past the days were you can take anyone's word to attest for their Jewish status; especially those who have not been observant for 2 generations or more. The Reform movement has more than a century of history behind it!

As for the tattoo...I'm ambivalent. Her Jewishness is up for speculation...and if she isn't Jewish, than she can get tattoos. If she is, then this averiah is no less or no more than eating treif. If someone has no obligation to the Torah, why pass judgement?

Anonymous said...

So she half catholic ....I will.have to Google that

Anonymous said...

She is more Catholic or Agnostic. It is ridiculous to say she is Jewish

She lived mostly with her Catholic dad and never got along with her Jewish mom and she believes only her dad made who she is both personally & professionally.
In fact she sided with Mel Gibson when he sounded anti-Semitic.

Anonymous said...

The song "Ave Mary A" leans towards Christianity.