Is Lady Gaga Jewish?

No, pop star, Lady Gaga is not a Jew. Her birth name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and she is Catholic.

Wikipedia explains that, "Stefani was born March 28, 1986, the eldest child of Joseph Germanotta, an Italian American internet entrepreneur, and Cynthia Bissett... At the age of 11, Germanotta attended Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private Roman Catholic school on Manhattan's Upper East Side."

Gaga's performance in Madison Square Garden in February 2011 was made into an HBO special.

Her music video, Alejandro, in 2010 stirred up religious controversy and condemnation that it is a sacrilege because the scenes in which the singer displays a cross and wears a red nun's habit alternate with scenes in which she engages in simulated sexual acts and suggestive poses and motions.

Eric Ross summed up the responses to the video in the SF Pop Music Examiner:
Lady GaGa released her new music video for Alejandro today and it’s the most controversial one yet. In addition to Lady GaGa wearing a machine gun bra, her backup singers are dressed as Nazis wearing high heels, fishnets, and speedos. This may sound like typical GaGa style, but so far, that’s all tame stuff.

The real controversy comes with the numerous religious images throughout her video. Some of them, like the upside down cross, are even sacrilegious. There are also images of GaGa in a red nun outfit eating a cross. This video is sure to upset the religious right, and it’s destined to make headlines around the world.

Watching “Alejandro” may bring back memories of when Madonna released her “Like a Prayer” video. Back in 1989, Pepsi decided to use “Like a Prayer” in one of their commercials before the single was officially released. When Madonna’s music video finally aired, it included her dancing in front of burning crosses, witnessing a murder, kissing a black saint, and experiencing stigmata. Religious groups became extremely upset and threatened to boycott Pepsi, resulting in the company pulling the commercial.
Here is the video. Warning: do not watch this if you are prudish.

(reposted from 2011)


Anonymous said...

if she is she is a successful jew... Lady Gaga has the highest digital singles in RIAA history!!! http://bit.ly/i1obbr

Other Edition-Vmagazine said...

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Anonymous said...

Lady Saga does not even hold a candle to Madonna. What Madonna did was original and pretty much never done before. Lady Saga is just a plagiarizer with a big budget.

Anonymous said...

im sorry, but look at her face... she is clearly a jew. hello.

Anonymous said...

Acutally they say she has jewish i descendent family from europe,Lady Gaga's last name Germanotta, Ellis Island has only 2 immigrants coming to America with that name;GERMANOTTA is not listed in the Italian surname dictionary signifying that it is either an imported surname and italianized or is local in origin based upon a nickname,work activity or some other anecdotal basis....people say her family came from a jewish german family to Italy that's why they adpoted GERMANOTTA from the word GERMANIA which means GERMANY.

Anonymous said...

This is a wrong theory and here is why... Many names that were Sicilian are no longer on lists of Italian names in Italy. Germanotta was a Sicilian name and since millions left Sicily, they wiped out any trace of the name there. I have a friend and his surname no longer exists in Sicily and neither does the town of the same name. However, it exists in other parts of the world. Coming to American, the name can be spelled wrong and it's not on any list. Germanotta, means 'little German' in certain Italian dialects, just not in the main language we now know as Italian or Dante's Italian. The same thing most likely happened here, since she has said she is Sicilian. Not everyone came through Ellis Island either. One of my great grandfathers came in through Boston. Another myth, that all Italians in the US came in through Ellis Island. Some Italians have been in America from the start, as in Thomas Jefferson's Italian physician. I am of Italian ancestry and Italians and Greeks are known for their noses. Italians passed these noses onto others... and not the other way around. They had dominated Syria and the Levant passing their look onto them and not the other way around. She has a typical Roman nose, with the bump up high on the bridge. Many Jews will have a nose that tips down and under at the bottom, looking like the number 6. She doesn't have this. My Italian name is Germanic and yet is a known Italian name that has existed in Italy since 920 AD and it came in with the Lombards. My name is a rare exception and is quite common in northern Italy. Last names only came into being in 1200 AD. Her family may have taken on the name of 'little German' and then ended up in Sicily before coming to America. Some Italians names are disappearing in Italy. My grandmother has a common Venetian name that is now rare. All of your theories are wrong. There is one last possibility. My great grandfather was an orphan in Italy. He is all Italian, but the nuns made up a last name for him. She could have an ancestor that was an orphan in Italy and then you get a made up name. My great grandfather's name does not exist in Italy any longer and he has only a few descendants with the name, but that does not make him any less Italian.