Jstandard: Review of Yitzhak Zahavy's, “Archaeology, Stamps and Coins of the State of Israel”

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The Jewish Standard has an excellent review of our son's book.
Author has ‘an informed passion for archeology’
Book explores ancient artifacts on Israel’s stamps and currency
by Lloyd A. de Vries

Archeology is important to the State of Israel, and that’s why ancient artifacts show up so often on Israeli stamps, coins, banknotes, and medals, particularly the early ones.

According to Yitzhak Zahavy’s “Archaeology, Stamps and Coins of the State of Israel,” coins, pottery, seals and other archeological finds were a way to tie modern Israel to ancient Israel. They showed that Jews were not usurpers in then-Palestine, but were returning to reclaim their home.

Stamps and coins are more than just tools for delivering mail or retail transactions. They are important symbols for the countries that issue them. How else would you explain why the U.S. Postal Service still gets 40,000 to 50,000 letters a year requesting that subjects be honored on stamps, at a time when more and more mail is electronic? Or the arguments over the designs on the U.S. state quarters?

Zahavy, a Bergenfield resident, studied archeology under noted Israeli archeologists David Ussishkin, Israel Finkelstein, David Ilan, and Amichai Mazar. He worked on several major archeological excavations in Israel and served as an assistant area supervisor, from 2000 to 2002, on the Tel Megiddo expedition. Today he works in the field of information technology.

In the fascinating first part of his book, which reflects his informed passion for archeology, he explains how the designs for Israeli stamps and currency were chosen and the significance behind them...more...
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