YouTube: Google Launches eBooks

We entertain our grandchildren by starting them on a netflix movie on the big TV in the living room through Apple TV, then moving them to continue the same movie netflix on the computer monitor in the den and one time continuing them on their netflix movie on the iPad. They picked up without interruption as they moved from one venue to the next. That is cool.

Google promises the same transportability of media for reading books on Google eBooks. We are pretty sure that Kindle can do this now. But we only read Kindle books on our iPad. So we haven't tested whether we can pick up at the same page on our desktop Kindle app.

Here is the cool promise from Google for their eBooks service.

You can buy two of our books there:

Studies in Jewish prayer


The Traditions of Eleazar ben Azariah

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Reb Yudel said...

You can also purchase the Tanakh Companion to the Book of Samuel -- http://bit.ly/g6ecVi -- which was well-reviewed on this blog.