Is John Oliver Jewish?

No, John Oliver is not a Jew.

His biting take down of Donald Trump was widely viewed since it first appeared on 2/28/2016 on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO).

John Oliver formerly of "The Daily Show" got his own fake-news program on HBO, as reported in The Washington Post (April, 2014).

John Oliver filled in for Jon Stewart in summer, 2013. He is one funny dude.

On 2/6/2011 I wrote:

I laughed out loud at the latest video clip that the Jewish Humor Central Blog posted (hat tip) from the Daily Show's John Oliver.

And then I thought, he is so funny, yes, John Oliver  must be a Jew. But he isn't.

I base my conclusion in particular on his ability to invent a new Jewish holiday for the purposes of celebrating a political victory in Texas as you will see in the hilarious clip below.

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Jewish Speaker of Texas State House
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Tzvee Zahavy said...

Andrew Silow-Carroll commented on Facebook on your note "Is John Oliver Jewish?".
Andrew wrote: "He's not, by the way. He and his podcast partner, Andy Zaltzman, who is an MOT, talk about this semi-frequently. Oliver admits he looks Jewish -- last Dec.he was a little creeped out about making an unscheduled stop in Frankfurt during the blizzard."

JayF said...

Jewish or not, who cares! John Stewart made an excellent choice by appointing John Oliver as his replacement. This guy is really great and very funny! I'm LMAO very night.

Janet's Planet 2 said...

Back in the dark ages when I was a kid, there was a comedian named Steve Allen. He had thick glasses, politically batted left and threw left and was at one time slotted opposite Ed Sullivan on the Sunday night 8 pm slot. Sullivan opened up the US market to the Beatles. Allen fought a good battle, but no one could compete with Ed Sullivan in those years. Allen ended up in syndicated late night TV again as second banana to the Tonight Show. You can see why everybody thought he was Jewish, though he wasn't. He was very funny in the "Jewish style" of comedy. IOW an assimilated gentile.