Monday Special: "God's Favorite Prayers" a Free Kindle Book Today April 16

Our Best Selling Kindle book edition of "God's Favorite Prayers" by Tzvee Zahavy is free 4/16/2012 - a gift for you.

Here is why on occasion we offer our Kindle books for free.

In the Kindle Direct Publishing KDP Select program we are permitted to offer our books free for five days out of every three months. Kindle explains to us:
KDP Select - a new option to make money and promote your book. When you make your book exclusive to Kindle for at least 90 days, it will be part of the Kindle Owners' Lending Library for the same period and you will earn your share of a monthly fund when readers borrow your books from the library. You will also be able to promote your book as free for up to 5 days during these 90 days.
We believe that the theory is that when we promote our books, and hundreds of people download them, they will be better linked and marketed in the Amazon system, and as a result more people will buy them or borrow them when they are not free. Logical? You decide. Meanwhile, Enjoy your free books!

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