Sunday - Free Kindle Book - Define Judaism by Tzvee Zahavy

How do you Define Judaism?

This penetrating book tells you one way how, in ten short chapters to define Judaism.

The author covers these important topics, each in its own "seminar".
SEMINAR 1 The Periods of Judaism and Jewish History
SEMINAR 2 The Biblical Heritage of Judaism (1400 to 586 B.C.E.)
SEMINAR 3 The Hellenistic Age (586 to 135 B.C.E.)
SEMINAR 4 The Rabbinic Tradition (1 to 1000 C.E.)
SEMINAR 5 The Jews and Judaism in Europe (1000 to 1600 C.E.)
SEMINAR 6 The Search for Deliverance (1492 to 1789)
SEMINAR 7 The New Judaisms (1789 to 1917)
SEMINAR 8 Judaism in America (1654 to the present)
SEMINAR 9 The Mass Murder of European Jewry (1932 to 1948)
SEMINAR 10 Understanding Contemporary Judaism (1948 to the present)
The wonderful little book is free to all on Sunday June 3.

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