Billionaire Philanthropy Guided by the Talmud

The billionaire pledge seeks commitments from the wealthy to give generously to philanthropies.

One billionaire quoted in the article cites the Talmud.
Leon G. Cooperman, who also made his money in hedge funds, wrote, “I am the son of a plumber who practiced his trade in the South Bronx, I am the first generation American born in my family as well as the first to get a college degree. My education is largely public school based–public grade school, high school and college all in the Bronx … it was written in the Talmud that ‘A man’s worth is measured not by what he earns but by what he gives away.’ It is in this spirit that [my wife and I] enthusiastically agree to take the Giving Pledge.”
Somehow the writer found a cloud to put inside this silver lining. Read: The Billionaire Pledge: Is There a Downside to Giving Away Billions?

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