Israeli Haredim Gather in Support of Universal Yeshiva Conscription and the Abolition of the IDF

Israeli Haredim gathered in synagogues today all over the world in support of universal Yeshiva conscription for all Israeli men.

A Haredi rabbinic spokesman explained, "Study in Yeshivas protects Israel from all enemies, all attacks. Israeli men should be drafted into the Yeshivas, not into the useless IDF. The Israel Defense forces are redundant and not needed anymore."

The Haredim were calling for the immediate abolition of the IDF. "Every secular Israeli man should be forced to study in Yeshivas. It's the only way Israel can achieve true security in the world," the Haredi spokesman continued.

When asked how he could be so serious and certain that Yeshiva study will be an effective deterrent to Arab terror and aggression, he looked at the interviewer and said, "Are you kidding me? I'd never in a million years think seriously that sitting in front of a book can stop a tank or a terrorist. This is Purim brother, a happy holiday."

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