Why I cannot Fathom Frum Fashion

T. H. Lurhman wrote an op-ed in "The Appeal of Christian Piety" in The New York Times trying to fathom why religious women seek out a piety that segregates them and negates their human rights, i.e., that acts against their basic self interests.

She did not succeed - as I see it - in finding any sane rationale for this behavior.

Take a look at her column and let me know please if I have missed something.

I mean fashion to include the type and style of clothes that women wear.

And I mean frum to denote in this case Haredi and other fringe Orthodox groups.

I am offended that anyone would claim that God wants women to wear one specific type of clothing.

If you do believe in the divine revelation of the Torah, look at the beginning of the biblical book of Genesis. God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden without clothes. 

And we pray that all of our deceased relatives find eternal rest in the Garden of Eden. Without long sleeves, I presume.

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