Forward: The FLEXIDOX Revolution Has Arrived and BORAT is on his way

Jay Michaels writes in this week's Forward all about flexidoxy:

The first known use of the word “flexidoxy” was in 2003 by Rabbi Gershon Winkler, who called it a corrective to Orthodoxy, “reflecting its original intent and spirit as opposed to its otherwise superficial extremities.” For Winkler, whose own journey from ultra-Orthodoxy to flexidoxy was described in his memoir “Travels with the Evil Inclination” (North Atlantic Books, 2004), flexidoxy is the belief “that you can do Jewish right by following the forms of Judaism” as traditionally understood, or by following different forms, such as “the fledgling version of it offered by those Hebrews who preceded Moses.”
The cover story of this week's Jewish Standard covers the Borat revolution.

Borat, for those who have not seen Baron Cohen’s "Da Ali G show" on HBO, is "Kazakhstan’s sixth most famous man." At his film premiere, he was wearing his trademark ill-fitting gray suit, gangly arms braced for a big double thumbs-up, his manic grin flashing wide beneath a full mustache that Baron Cohen has said takes a month and a half to grow. The crowd screamed and cheered. "The festival people say this is the movie that’s causing all the frenzy," said a nearby I’m-pretending-to-be-so-bored-it-must-mean-I’m-press voice.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever became of Gershon Winkler? After he wrote those books on golems and dybbuks, then what?