Netanyahu to Goldman: Israel Ahead of US, China, Russia, Canada

Israel's economy is robust, Netanyahu told a Goldman Sachs meeting, according to the EJP News. (Thanks Yitz.)

LONDON (EJP)--- Israeli Likud party leader and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience in London that Israel’s economy “has a brilliant future”.

The former finance minister was speaking Thursday during a business event at investment bankers Goldman Sachs International, hosted by the British Friends of Bar Ilan University.

“Israel produces more goods per capita, after the US. Israel also has more registered patents, more than China and Russia. Israel has even overtaken Canada on the NASDAQ,” he said.

Threat downplayed

Netanyahu played down the threat of North Korea, who recently crossed the nuclear weapons threshold, calling them “local eccentrics”. He said they are a local threat more than an international one.

Militant Islam and globalisation are the real threats and the source of the world’s problems.

The Shia strand is more dangerous than Al Qeida, he said “Through the radical regimes and their production of nuclear weapons, they threaten not only the Middle East but also Europe and the US”.

“The future depends on leaders recognising this threat and carrying out policies to ward off this danger,” he said.

He said there is a “fabulous opportunity”. “There is a great threat and the threat should unite all of us in common action and this is something that Israel understands.”
If you are measuring spriritual achievements, Israel has more Torah learning per capita and more religious publications than any other country.

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Everyone sends me stuff on how many famous actors are in fact Jewish, or on how many inventors and Nobel prize winners are Jewish, but it's that last paragraph of yours that makes more of a difference to me.