The 4 State Solution?

2 Palestinian States + 2 Israeli States?

Ra'anana, Israel Rabbi Advocates A Jewish, Hamas Type Nation

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Anonymous said...

The article states this: "And to imply that only an observant Jew could bring "integrity, class and compassion" is pure discrimination against other Jews."

Shame on Joel Leyden, who wrote this article. Stuart Weiss never said nor implied that ONLY an observant Jew can do such a thing. All he implies is that an observant Prime Minister is BEST for doing such a thing. Leyden is "hanging empty pitchers" on Weiss. Was Weiss being divisive with his article? No, but Leyden sure was. And you continue to fall for it.

Also, Leyden must be blind. He writes, "And what about the "he" that Weiss mentions. Does Weiss discriminate against a woman for prime minister of Israel? "

If he had read Weiss' article closer, he would've seen this line: " - though it could certaly be a 'she' as well".