Brown U will build new natatorium

I recall with great fondness swimming at 10 PM at the "new natatorium" at Brown in 1973. The pool has just opened and it was one small factor in my decision to attend Brown for graduate school. A brand new 50 meter pool - wow.

The Smith Swim Center was among the best in the nation when it opened in 1973. It featured a 50-meter long course, a 25-yard short course, spectator area, locker rooms and squash courts. Brown hosted major competitions at many levels.

The roof, which suggests a circus tent, became a landmark on the East Side.

It was my second favorite long course pool - after my favorite - the famous Gordon pool in Tel Aviv.

Well the pool has seen better days. It had to be closed because of timber rot. So now the Brown Corporation (=Board of Trustees) has committed to building a new $35 million structure. Good decision.

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