Hey P. Diddy: Wanna Hire Tzvee.Diddy?

He needs an assistant...Remember 2007, the summer of YouTube?

First we submitted our TV debate questions to presidential candidates via YouTube.

Then we applied for a job with P. Diddy via YouTube.

Then, well what next?
Hip hop star P. Diddy has advertised for a new personal assistant - with a video on his MySpace website.

The rapper asked hopefuls to post their applications on YouTube.

The video-sharing site has since been swamped with clips of people explaining why they would be perfect for the unique role.

Now the star - real name Sean Combs - will ask fans to help him choose a winner by voting for their favourites online.

He has warned the eventual winner that they are in for a tough job, as he tends to "scream, go crazy, keep you up late and have you sleep-deprived".

Despite the warning, 10,000 people have applied for the post.

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