RW is Ruining Religion

The right wing led by Bush is ruining religion. When you push and bully, you get backlash.
Here it is:
A camp they can believe in
Ohio's Camp Quest lets young atheists enjoy summer fun with like-minded children
By Ron Grossman
Tribune staff reporter
Published June 27, 2007
CLARKSVILLE, Ohio -- At the same time youngsters at Bible camps across the nation are reciting, "Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep," kids at Camp Quest are climbing into their bunks, confident there is no one out there to hear those prayers.

Proudly proclaiming the motto "Beyond Belief," Camp Quest bills itself as the nation's first sleep-away summer camp for atheists. Founded in 1996, it has inspired four similar camps across the nation for children whose parents are either opposed or indifferent to religion.



Anonymous said...

"The right wing led by Bush is ruining religion."

A. Is Bush really *leading* the right wing?

B. Do you mean right wing Christian, or right wing of all religions?

C. Do you have examples how it is *ruining* (not injuring, but ruining) religion?

Tzvee Zahavy said...

A. Yes - he is a leader - not the leader.
B. Obviously Christian
C. This is the example - doh

Anonymous said...

Giving a boost to the atheists RUINS religion? Naaah, you're lacking confidence in religions to counteract these atheists.