Hamas 9/11 Anniversary Rocket Attack:There will never be a Palestinian State

Six years ago, I witnessed from Jersey City the second plane hit the WTC and the subsequent mass murder in the collapse of both towers.

Later that day in Teaneck I saw my neighbor Yonah with whom I had previously debated the merits of a Palestinian State. He had been firmly against the idea. I had been in favor.

When I saw Yonah that day, I said to him just one thing, "There now will never be a Palestinian State." Muslim Arab terrorists had attacked us on our soil. Palestinians were dancing in the streets. Regardless of my views or Yonah's or anyone else's opinions, I was certain that in the aftermath of 9/11, there would never be a Palestinian state.

Now today Hamas has launched a 9/11 Anniversary Rocket Attack against Israel wounding dozens of soldiers.

There was never any doubt since 9/11. Yet here is another confirmation. Militant Islam wants to kill Israelis and Americans and destroy Western civilization.

In this context and for this reason, there will never be a Palestinian State.

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