Someone Please Put a Sock in Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef's Mouth

Here he goes again:
In one ill-conceived outburst, Shas Party mentor Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has created yet another firestorm, and taken a bite out of the hearts of Israel's bereaved families.

"Should it come as a surprise that soldiers are killed in war," asked the rabbi, "when they do not observe Shabbat or the Torah, when they do not pray each day, or put on tefillin? God have mercy on them and cause them to repent, so they will lead a good life in peace."
Get this fella outta here! Truly this is his most obnoxious comment ever!

See jpost for more (not ynet!).


Warren Burstein said...

I was talking to someone recently about R' Yosef's coming out against people spending Rosh Hashanah at Uman rather than with their families and and then we got onto this other comment, my friend said that you never know with R' Yosef if you're going to hear from Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

Anonymous said...

Come on. He's pushing ninety.