How to know when you are an accomplished golfer

Irv Dubow was one of the regulars that we used to play golf with at the Braemar Golf Course in Edina Minnesota.

He was pretty good amateur golfer, with about a six or eight handicap. He shot consistently in the high seventies.

Irv was also an inventor. He devised and patented an amazing "Golf ball retrieving device." We are not sure if he ever got it produced and marketed.

One day, years ago, we asked Irv how we would know when we too could call ourselves an accomplished golfer.

Irv thought for a few moments and said, "After a round of golf, if you talk about and think about the few good shots you had, you are still a beginner and should not consider yourself an accomplished golfer.

"However after eighteen holes of golf, if you talk about and think about the few bad shots you had, then you know that you are no longer a beginner and accordingly you may consider yourself an accomplished golfer."

Instantly we knew that he was right and that he was a golf sage.

We've wondered time and again since that day if the same goes for our other endeavors of life in general.

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