Forward: Deborah Lipstadt Ponders Eichmann, Bin Laden, Ben Gurion and Obama

We have wondered about this issue. Deborah Lipstadt, author of a new book on Eichmann trial, considers the similarities and differences of the Eichmann mission and the Bin Laden mission, as follows:
Adolf Eichmann was responsible for the murder of close to 1.5 million Jews. Bin Laden had far less blood on his hands. And while both men wished to kill as many Jews as possible, bin Laden was, of course, also interested in killing any American or “Westerner” he could. Each man was ferreted out, in the end, by forces operating clandestinely on foreign soil. Both operations were decisive, swift and successful.

But, of course, what happened to bin Laden and Eichmann after each was located was radically different. One was shot and killed on the spot; the other was put on trial.

It was not inevitable, however, that this would be Eichmann’s fate. It was a decision by David Ben-Gurion that prevented Eichmann from ending up like bin Laden and having justice delivered immediately, with a bullet to the head. Read more...

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