First Israel, Now the Yankees Ban the iPad

Last month the State of Israel banned the iPad for several weeks.

Now reports are circulating that the venerable New York Yankees have banned the device from the stadium.

Oy, we guess that means the pinstripes have hired Israelis to monitor the security at the Bronx field. Check back in three weeks.

From CNET:
A report from Yahoo Sports suggests that the Yankees have decided in all their infinite, historic wisdom that the iPad falls under its "No laptops" policy.

Spacekatgal, a poster on the IGN boards and who first caught Yahoo Sports' attention, said: "The security people told me it was not allowed and I was turned away at the gates. Why on earth would they have this policy? Terrorism concerns? I couldn't get an answer. I snuck it in under my jacket...I bring it to Fenway all the time and they don't care."

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