Local Teaneck Election: Vote for Joseph Steinberg for Teaneck Council

We said we wouldn't get involved, but now we changed our minds. Too much petty nasty stuff has been going around before the local Town Council election here.

Especially we want to castigate Susan Rosenbluth and her uber-weird outré Jewish Voice for her disgraceful comments about one "problematic" candidate in the election.

So we endorse one utterly fine candidate for you to vote for, in particular based on the recommendation of Dr. Miryam Z. Wahrman, our town's most venerated and celebrated academic personality and a respected community leader and long time resident, as published in The Suburbanite.
I am writing to endorse Joseph Steinberg in his run for Teaneck Council. Steinberg grew up in Teaneck and he and his wife have chosen to live and raise their family here. But even more importantly, he has made Teaneck and its welfare a top priority. He has already devoted many hours and much thought to improving the quality of life for all residents. For instance, as Chairman of Teaneck's Financial Advisory Board he has worked hard to identify areas that could be improved, leading to sounder and more sensible fiscal practices.

I have been dismayed by the divisiveness and rancor that has been occurring within our political framework. He has pledged to work towards a government that values unity and cooperation as it tackles the daunting challenges. The positive change that Joseph represents - financial responsibility, unity, excellence in education, and transparency in government - would benefit all residents.

I have served with Steinberg for two years on the New Jersey board of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science, a group that assists with fundraising for that well-known science institute. The board includes members who are highly accomplished individuals. Steinberg is the youngest member of the board - yet he has earned the admiration and respect of the other members. His counsel and ideas have been useful and valued in that charitable enterprise.

He is an accomplished and successful businessman. His experience in enhancing efficiency has already been widely recognized - helping earn him recognition as one of NJ's top businesspeople under the age of 40. I am so pleased that he is running for council as he will be able to use his insight and experience in the business world to address the deep financial crisis that our town and others like it are facing.

On May 11 residents will have the opportunity to vote for four people to join the Council. If we want a person of insight and business savvy who brings fresh ideas to get Teaneck's finances under control, help restore the unity that our diverse town so desperately needs, and who truly loves Teaneck, vote for Joseph Steinberg.
For more see, www.ElectJosephSteinberg.com.

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