New Books for Review on Jewish Prayer

We've bought or received these handsome new books on the subject of Jewish prayer.

Our reviews will follow in due course.
  1. Making Prayer Real: Leading Jewish Spiritual Voices on Why Prayer Is Difficult and What to Do About It
  2. Innovation in Jewish Law: A Case Study of Chiddush in Havineinu
  3. Why We Pray What We Pray: The Remarkable History of Jewish Prayer
  4. On Changes in Jewish Liturgy: Options and Limitations
  5. Who by Fire, Who by Water: Un'taneh Tokef (Prayers of Awe)
  6. Comic Book Siddur: For Shabbat Morning Services
  7. Not directly on prayer but still promising... Elijah and the Rabbis: Story and Theology


Reb Yudel said...

You tease!

Tzvee Zahavy said...

...and the Hillel Narratives: What the tales of the first rabbi can teach us about our Judaism...;>)