Steve Jobs Says Kaddish for the DVD

Yes, we can see the point. Netflix is inching daily towards total streaming movies. We are growing ever more tired of books on CD.

So according to pundits in the industry we are moving away from DVD and CD media just as we abandoned the floppy when it had outlived its usefulness. See, "Apple Looks to a New Computing Era" By NICK BILTON in the Times.
Remember the floppy disk? I’m willing to bet Steve Jobs does. I’m also willing to bet he remembers when he killed it.

It was 1998, to be precise, and the murder weapon was the new iMac, a computer that was missing the then-standard internal floppy drive.

Last month Mr. Jobs rang the final death knell for another piece of technology: optical discs like DVDs and CDs.

For this execution, his weapon of choice is the new MacBook Air, with a little extra help from the iTunes store, of course...more...

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