Is Mike Tyson Jewish?

Yes, Mike Tyson is converting to become a Jew.

The former world champion boxer was the subject of a glowing essay in the New York Times Magazine, Mike Tyson Moves to the Suburbs by Daphne Merkin, who describes in beautiful lyrical fashion the terms, "In which the ex-world champion learns to love the boring life."

Tyson was so impressed with Merkin, he has decided to convert himself to Judaism. "That woman has become my wole model," Tyson said. Merkin returned the compliment saying, "Meeting and interviewing Mike has been the highlight of my life."

Tyson will be undergoing the procedures of conversion this afternoon, Purim 5771. Celebrity Rabbis Arthur Schneier and Shmuley Boteach will officiate at Tyson's circumcision and ritual bath. Evander Holyfield had asked to perform the milah, saying, "It's only fair. It's in the Bible." Holyfield was rebuffed and told that "a foreskin for an ear" was not the actual wording of the biblical verse and anyhow that Holyfield was not Jewish yet. "OK. Never mind," he reportedly said.

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Anonymous said...

no he is not he is a Muslim