The New Maxwell House Haggadah Has a Teaneck Connection

Our block, Milford Terrace in Teaneck, is a talented block boasting artists, doctors, nurses, rabbis, lawyers, teachers, professors, engineers, businesspersons and more.

One of our neighbors has written a new translation for the most classic Haggadah of all time - the Maxwell House haggadah.

The Jewish Week has covered this new edition with a lovely feature story, "Good To The Last Dayenu: Iconic Maxwell House Haggadah gets a modern makeover. New cover, new contents: Revised Maxwell House Haggadah is available for seders next month."

It's a good translation. We like the new design and layout.

And the Haggadah is free, compliments of the coffee company, at your local supermarket.

Congratulations neighbor on your achievement. Yasher Koach.

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