Is that love song kosher?

Is that love song kosher?

Kipa, an Israeli Orthodox Hebrew web site, reports that Rabbi Eliyahu of Safed has declared pop love songs off limits - not kosher -- see the article, חדשות - הרב אליהו: לזמרים של היום אין מושג מה זאת אהבה.

Now, we have a suspicion that the rabbi is preparing to launch a kosher business for certifying those love songs that he deems to be rabbinically approved.

Well we are out there ahead of him.

Attention music publishers and performing artists! We are launching a new service that will review, inspect and certify your romantic music as kosher.

Contact us. Our rates are reasonable. You don't want your music to be declared non-kosher, do you?

The Kipa article reports as follows:
Rabbi Eliyahu: singers of today have no idea what love is

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu rules against hearing songs dealing with romance. "We must not drift through their songs after these low feelings. They sing songs of praise to the basest of our senses," he states.
The Rav of Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, rules against listening to songs or music are about romance. In a responsum to be published this weekend in 'Small World', Rabbi Eliyahu claims that this kind of popular songs, does not deal with love, but with passions and obscenities.

In a personal attack on the singers and poets of today, Rabbi Eliyahu claims that "Those who read the biography of these singers are seeing that most of them have never experienced true love, but mostly lust. They can not sustain a relationship with a woman for more than three days, weeks or months. They never heard of mutual trust. "

Rabbi Eliyahu says that, "You should not be confused. They call it love - because they just do not know any better." In practice, Rabbi Eliyahu explained that those singers, "Really sing songs of praise to our coarsest senses," and so he rules that, "It is forbidden to drift through their songs after these low feelings."

"There is true love in the world - it is a shame to lose it. It is worth everything," concludes the Rabbi
By the way rabbi, can you sing us a true kosher love song?

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Does the Talmud not list, among the things that seduced Aher into apostasy, the fact that "Greek song never left his mouth?"

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