Jpost: Michael Freund is Worried that Talmud Teaching in Israel is Terrible

In jpost, "Fundamentally Freund: Teaching kids to hate Talmud" by MICHAEL FREUND claims, "The centrality of the Talmud in Jewish life now faces an alarming threat from a most unexpected source: Israel’s religious educational system."

The "alarming threat" to Talmudic centrality turns out to be that students find Talmud class to be boring and they say they hate it.

Alarmist Michael maybe needs to wake up to the fact that Talmud in fact is not central to Jewish life and that children are always quick to report that they are bored by school and hate most subjects.

Yes, it may be true that Talmud is taught poorly. But don't worry. That has been the case for 1500 years. With G-d's will, May it continue for another 1500.

And you can read our article about teaching Talmud the right way at the university here.

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