Gotcha! An Imaginary Poison Acorn in the Forest

Gotcha! Going back to 2006 we've written on occasion about the valuless and tiresome right wing sport called, "Gotcha!" That is what we call it when some conservative activist finds some small item in the verdant forest of liberal and progressive politics and holds it up for ridicule. The notion behind Gotcha! is that some small defect invalidates the whole liberal enterprise.

We've said in the past that the conservative Gotcha! game brings no value to the world.

Now we've thought through all the possible metaphors for further explaining our view and have come up with another way to make our point.

"Look here," says the radical right-wing Gotcha! player, "I have here a poison acorn. Because it fell from that tree over there, and that tree is part of the forest, this whole forest is poison! Run away from it as fast as you can because we must burn it down!"

"But," we object, "we don't see any acorn. You are imagining that it exists. You are imagining that it is poison. You are imagining that it infects the whole forest. None of that is reality."

Latest example is some alleged statement by an Obama administration diplomat that "blames" anti-semitism on the "Arab-Israeli conflict." It turns out that the statement never existed, that it wasn't poison, and that it did not prove there is any smattering of toxicity of the Obama administration's policies towards Israel.

Just say it along with me, "They cannot see the forest for they are locked in on gazing at an imaginary poison acorn."

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