The Great Neck SAT Cheating Scandal

The Times reported that in a Long Island suburb students have been cheating on the SAT college entrance exam (Exam Cheating on Long Island Hardly a Secret).

We have one comment on this that would render the whole matter moot in the future: get fingerprints of all the test takers.
...So far, 20 teenagers at five schools in Nassau County — Great Neck North, Great Neck South, Roslyn High School, the North Shore Hebrew Academy and St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset — have been arrested: the five suspected of taking the tests were charged with felonies, while the 15 accused of paying them $500 to $3,600 to do so face misdemeanor charges.

Kathleen M. Rice, the Nassau County district attorney, said that she had evidence against 20 others, but that they could not be pursued because of the two-year statute of limitations regarding misdemeanors, or the absence of testing records...

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