WSJ: Student Sex at Yeshiva University

We waited. We thought, this item is not of any consequence. But the story is now on the Wall Street Journal.

What a lovely report. An anonymous author writes about a sexual encounter between a Yeshiva boy and a Stern College girl in a hotel room. The narrative is published in a second-tier college periodical. But wait. The Yeshiva U morality police could not restrain themselves. So instead of letting a non-story die, we now have a big deal here.

It is fair to assume that for over 50 years Yeshiva College men and Stern College women have been having sex. That is what college students do.

How now does a student short story generate such heat? Well, that's easy. The no-sex team that runs the show at religious fundamentalist schools like Yeshiva and BYU and Liberty U did not get the memo. Students are having sex, and by the way, it is fair to assume that contrary to the literary angst in the Yeshiva story, students are enjoying their sex.
Essay Sparks Campus Uproar

An essay about pre-marital sex published in a student newspaper has caused an uproar at Yeshiva University, the Orthodox Jewish college in Manhattan, prompting the student council to withdraw the paper's funding and igniting a campus-wide debate over censorship....[more...]

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Reb Yudel said...

Back in my day, my editor on Hamevaser caused an outcry by casually letting slip in his column that he watched television -- a device then banned in the dormitories.