Is the Mayor of New York City Always Jewish?

No, the mayor of New York City is not always a Jew.

Though several of the past mayors were Jews, It looks like the next mayor will not be Jewish. The Times wrote today, "With No Major Jewish Candidate, an Unusual Absence in the N.Y.C. Mayor’s Race."

The Times reported on this matter:
In the 11 elections since a Jewish candidate, Abraham D. Beame, first won a Democratic mayoral primary in 1965, Jewish Democrats (Mr. Beame, Mr. Koch, Ruth W. Messinger and Mark Green) won the nomination six times. Jewish candidates were elected mayor seven times (Mr. Beame, Mr. Koch and Michael R. Bloomberg).

The last time no Jewish candidate of either party sought the nomination was in 1993, when David N. Dinkins ran for re-election and lost to Rudolph W. Giuliani. In 2001, when Mr. Green was facing Mr. Bloomberg, both major candidates were Jewish.

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