Our Disproof of Heaven

We read a puff piece in the Times today about "Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife" by Dr. Eben Alexander III, "Readers Join Doctor’s Journey to the Afterworld’s Gates."

We also read a slam of the book on Salon, "Dr. Eben Alexander’s so-called afterlife. A doctor says he proves heaven's existence in his bestselling book. Is that a symptom of meningitis or megalomania?"

Alexander claims he (or his soul) visited heaven while in a coma.

For what it's worth,  in 2006 our heart stopped in the hospital during a cardiac catheterization. We were dead for two minutes. We saw no butterflies, no bright lights, no angels. We were blacked out until we came to. After that we were fine.

Consider that event our disproof of heaven. And since we saw no heaven when we were "dead," does that mean we should cease being religious?

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