Is Bridgegate Jewish?

The Bridgegate Scandal has always been Jewish in some ways, e.g. David Wildstein, a principal player in the scandal, is a Jew from Livingston NJ.

But now, yes, Bridgegate is really Jewish, since a certain Rabbi Mendy Carlebach was mentioned as a potential target for retribution: "Rabbi Mendy Carlebach serves as Chaplain in the Port Authority Police of NY and NJ, in the South Brunswick Police Department and as the Jewish Chaplain in the Federal Bureau of Prisons at MCC in NYC, NY."

In this story, New York Daily News: Christie appointees questioned if they would be fired over Bridgegate, we learned:
The 20 pages of documents [just released] also included a bizarre exchange between Wildstein and fired Christie administration official Bridget Anne Kelly, who put the bridge closing in motion.

Wildstein, after texting her a photo of New Jersey Rabbi Mendy Carlebach with House Speaker John Boehner, declared the religious leader "has officially pissed me off."

"Clearly," replied Kelly. "We cannot cause traffic problems in front of his house, can we?"

Wildstein quickly responded: "Flights to Tel Aviv all mysteriously delayed."

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