Is US Attorney J. Paul Fishman Jewish?

Yes, US Attorney J. Paul Fishman is a Jew who attended Hebrew school as a child in River Edge in Bergen County NJ.

The Times reports, "In Inquiry, It’s Christie Against Prosecutor."
...Mr. Fishman has been thrust into the awkward and highly public role of investigating his predecessor, as part of an inquiry into the closing of access lanes at the George Washington Bridge and other apparent acts of political retribution.

No longer can Mr. Fishman, whom lawyers often describe as competitive and proud, avoid what he has been loath to invite: comparisons to his predecessor.

“You want to create a legacy if you take that job, and there’s no way you’re going to create a legacy, after Chris, prosecuting public corruption cases,” said Lawrence S. Lustberg, a prominent defense lawyer who has known Mr. Fishman since they attended Hebrew school as children in Bergen County. “So Paul is moving the office into other areas, taking it in directions where the District of New Jersey has never gone.”...

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