Special Book Event This Thursday 7:30 at the Teaneck Public Library: Six super-models that you meet in the Synagogue

Teaneck Public Library Special Book Event 

Six super-models that you meet in the Synagogue - Thursday, 3/29, 7:30 PM

Not those "super-models" from the fashion magazines!

Professor Tzvee Zahavy will speak about his new book, "God's Favorite Prayers" that narrates his spiritual quest searching for perfect prayers. His talk will be on Thursday, March 29 at 7:30 PM at the Teaneck Public Library.

In his quest, Zahavy meets six ideal archetypes - those "super-models" of Jewish liturgy - the performer, priest, scribe, mystic, meditator and celebrity.

Come join and relive Tzvee's journeys and learn how to expand your own spiritual horizons.

The author will sign copies of his books and answer questions from audience.

The program is free and open to all. Call 201-837-4171 for further information.

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