Is Robert Allen Stanford Jewish?

No, we are pretty sure that Robert Allen Stanford is not a Jew.

Stanford is a prominent financial executive who was sought by U.S. marshalls 2/17/09 and charged with a multi-billion dollar fraud. (SEC Statement)

On 6/18/2009 he was arrested and indicted on criminal charges stemming from his operation of a massive investment fraud operation that bilked thousands.

He was convicted on 3/6/2012: "Stanford Convicted by Jury in $7 Billion Ponzi Scheme"

Stanford was born March 24, 1950 in Mexia, Texas. He is a fifth-generation Texan who resides in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands and holds dual citizenship, having become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda ten years ago.

Our reasonably certain conclusion about Stanford's religion is derived from indirect evidence. Sperling's provides this data about religious affiliation in Mexia, Texas: 56.71% of the people in Mexia, TX are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 3.64% are Catholic; 47.87% are Protestant; 0.00% are LDS; 5.19% are another Christian faith; 0.00% in Mexia, TX are Jewish; 0.01% are an eastern faith; 0.00% affiliate with Islam.

The SEC Complaint charged:
  • Since 1994, Stanford International Bank claims it has never failed to hit investment returns in excess of 10 percent a year.
  • In 2008, the bank said its "diversified portfolio of investments" lost only 1.3 percent, while the S&P 500 U.S. stocks benchmark declined 39 percent.
  • SEC says the bank's historical returns are "improbable, if not impossible."
  • The bank quoted certificate of deposit rates of more than 7 percent during 2005 and 2006, and quoted a 3-year CD at 5.375 percent annual rate in November 2008, against comparable U.S. bank CDs of 3.2 percent.
  • Did not disclose that its investment portfolio includes a significant portion in illiquid private equity and real estate investments.


123hou said...

He's a Southern Baptist from East Texas. Went to Baylor University, a Baptist university in Waco, Tx. He and his henchman James Davis used church and purported faith to attract depositors especially in the Deep South.

Anonymous said...

This is finally starting to make sense. Allen Stanford is listed as one of two owners of Elandia according to SEC filing. It appears that Allen Stanford has a merry band of thieves that operate in true "Stanford form".

This story is getting better by the minute. I didn't realize just how far back Stanford goes. The Elandia SEC filing shows him as major shareholder with Kelton.

According to a SEC filing, Allen Stanford forced Sydney Trip Camper to resign from Elandia a few years back when a money deal went bad.

Petty minions like Sydney Donald "Trip" Camper are part of this network of scammers. According to the SEC filing, Trip Camper was forced to resign from Elandia by Stanford himself a few years back because a deal went bad with a certain Mr. Ahkoy (see link below to see letter to board of directors). As any good con would do, Mr. Camper immediately moved on to another state, to his next victim - a privately owned "OTC" company.

After a promise to take the company public, a free trip to London with his friends, a company American Express Credit Card, and thousands of dollars later, Mr. Camper managed to illegally get shares of the company stock signed over to himself and his partner in crime, Edward Berkhof.

Eventually these dime store thugs performed a hostile takeover that was so illegal that only now do I understand the big picture and the history of their PONZI schemes - Sir Allen Stanford! Their m.o. is to use private monies to attract more loans - this is how they avoid the law.

Because they're actually using this loan money to payroll themselves and pay their creditors, the juggling act catches up to them!

Well Sir Allen Stanford is now in the hands of the FBI and I can't wait to see the rest of his cronies get nabbed. It should be a good show.

Funny thing is Mr. Camper continues to boldly list The Stanford Group as a "reference" on his curriculum vitae! LMAO

Mr. Camper also lists Danny Bogar, President of Stanford Group Holdings as a reference. NOTE: If anyone is looking to get taken by Mr. Camper, ummm, don't bother calling Mr. Bogar because he's on his way to the big house too! Mr. Camper better pack a bag just in case.

Google "Sydney Trip Camper, Elandia SEC"