Video: Is the Megadeth style Hatikva Kosher?

The Times Ethan Bronner chronicles the controversy in Israel over an Arab judge who did not sing Hatikva at an official ceremony, "Anger and Compassion for Arab Justice Who Stays Silent During Zionist Hymn." We think that not singing is perfectly kosher.

This reminded us of another instance of Hatikva (guitar but no singing) that we took at the time as a proof that Israel is the full flowering of Jewish redemption. Here is a 2007 story from Ynet and a YouTube video clip of Megadeth style Hatikva, which we deem to be glatt kosher.
Hatikva, like you've never heard before
(VIDEO) 'Coming here twice and playing my music for these people is the best,' says Marty Friedman, who performs in Israel for second time in his life

Over 1,000 people came to the Theatre Club in Jaffa Saturday to see the great guitarist Marty Friedman.

He delivered the goods, captivating the audience for two whole hours.

Friedman (44), who is Jewish, is known for his spectacular performance with Megadeth in Israel a decade ago. Back then, he played Hatikva, Israel's national anthem, on the stage. Saturday, he did it again. He opened the performance with the national anthem. The audience sang along with him, or rather, screamed along…

After the Hatikva, Friedman and his excellent band (especially crazy drummer Jeremy Colson) continued with a rocking two hour evening,, not losing an ounce of energy for even a moment...

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