Fox Must Fire Bill O"Reilly for his most awful propaganda

Thanks to Onegoodmove.org for posting the video. Keith Olbermann took on Bill O'Reilly last week and now KO follows up. It seems Bill tried to justify the Haditha massacre in Iraq by comparing it to the Malmedy massacre in Germany in WWII, where, he claimed, US troops massacred Germans.

Joe McCarthy had made similar claims in the 50's. When told that it was the other way around -- that the Germans massacred our GIs -- McCarthy denied that and said it was a Jewish propaganda plot.

Bill O has not said anything about Jews... yet.

Everyone is calling for O'Reilly to apologize for his lies. I say enough. O'Reilly should resign. If not, Fox should fire him. Here is onegoodmove's take:

Keith Olbermann does a followup on the Malmedy story. The good news Fox has corrected the transcript to reflect the truth albeit under pressure, but hey it's better to do the right thing even if you have no real choice. There is bad news as well. Bill O'Reilly still hasn't apologized for his outrageous mistake. He has provided an alibi, but no apology.

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