Where Was the Mystery Mikva House Explosion? Flatlands, Midwood or East Flatbush?

Doesn't anyone know in which neighborhood this mystery mikva explosion house is?

Three conflicting stories.

1 - Fumes Explode in Brooklyn, Killing Worker and Injuring 2 - New York Times: "The blast ripped through the kitchen floor of the three-story home on East 31st Street in Flatlands just seconds after a resident, Tzipora Friedman, walked out of the kitchen into the living room to look at fabric samples with a decorator who had come to the house, according to a cousin who spoke to Ms. Friedman yesterday. Her husband, Joseph Friedman, and their six children were not home."

2 - 7Online.com: New York City and Tri-State News from WABC-TV: Channel 7 says it was Midwood see the Images from the Story

3 - wcbstv.com - Explosion In East Flatbush Home: Channel 2 says it was in E. Flatbush.

An explosion in the basement of this house blew out the windows. CBS

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Anonymous said...

Tzvee - there's no big story or conspiracy there. The neighborhoods of NYC are not legal entities, and they tend to often blend into each other without plainly visible boundaries or markers, so there are no hard and set widely known rules over where one starts and where it ends.

Additionally, the major media tends to be Manhattan based and not too knowledgable about Brooklyn neighborhoods.

This type of naming confusion is something that is not unique to this case.

The location where the explosion occurred could be seen as sort of betwixt and between though, and more vulnerable to such confusion. Locations on the outskirts of well-known neighborhoods are more vulnerable to such, while others more in the center of them are less so.