The Jewish Channel available on Channel 291 in Teaneck on Cablevision’s iO Digital Cable.

The Jewish Channel is available in Teaneck on Channel 291 on Cablevision’s iO Digital Cable.

Looks like a great lineup of on demand movies and videos - with a single subscription charge of $4.95 for each month. [thanks for the correction anon] Wow that is a good deal.

Now if we can get Israeli TV on Cablevision’s iO Digital Cable, we are all set.

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Anonymous said...

i subscribed today. its not "a charge for each one that you watch", you get charged once, $4.95 for the month, and then you watch as much as you want; just like the hbo on-demand for entourage, sopranos.
i wrote them today asking about israeli tv. they have lots of israeli stuff, and will have daily news from israel "soon"